I’ve been head over heels in love with you for the past 4 years and you have no idea.




Ellen is just the greatest person alive. 

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so at work our store accidently ordered 700 khakis instead of the 70 we were supposed to get. the khakis in these pics i took ain’t even an eighth probably of all the fucking khakis we have stuffed in the back rooms. we have too many god damn khakis. no one should have to witness this layer of khaki hell. this shit ain’t right. this is all kinds of fucked up. there are too many fucking khakis. too many.

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"And even though i was in bed and he was in his basement, it really felt like we were back in that uncreated third space, which was a place I really liked visiting with him" -TFiOS


favorite movie.

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Let’s make the Flubber movie cover the most reblogged picture on Tumblr.







Yes let’s do it for him.

I’m down

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Last night showed me that I’m not heartless. I felt something. Something that I’ve missed for far too long. I forgot what it felt like to fall asleep with a smile on my face. The thing about it is that that thing has been in my life for the past 4 years. The worst part about it is that it’s only temporary.

It’s just such bullshit, ya know? All of these horrible people out there and it was Souban who had to have the worst of luck. This shit is why I don’t believe in god. No one deserves life as much as he did. This is just such BULL SHIT.

This is the first friend I’ve ever lost and this shit isn’t fun.

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if you threw a pad or tampon into a crowd of boys they would probably all scream and it would be like that scene from monsters inc where george gets contaminated by a sock

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As I lay here in my bed, I can’t get these memories out of my mind. My heart is breaking. It had to have been at least 5 years ago that I met you. In the end, i didn’t know you as well as I would have liked to, which makes this whole thing worse. I remember the night at Alex’s when no one would take me into the house to use the bathroom and I was about to explode. Once you found out, no questions were asked and you took me. I thanked you a million times for that night and I barely even knew you. I remember getting into your car with Becca and Alex years ago and my favorite song was playing. I remember the night of Santhi’s going away party when you showed up. I was confused on why you were there but I was surprisingly so happy to see you. You were always so nice to me. You had a heart of gold and everyone around you knew it. Your smile brightened up a room. Every time I drove passed or went to party city, i would always look for your car or try to find you in the store. When I did find you, I would never say anything and I regret that. I regret not keeping in touch with you these last couple of years. I have even more memories of you and I will keep every one of them close to my heart. Tonight my heart is crying. God received an Angel tonight. He was the sweetest guy I knew. I wish I could have taken his place. He didn’t deserve to go. I’m just so very glad that I had the opportunity to meet him. Rest in peace Souban :(